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COVID 19 Relief





In the midst of the on-going pandemic, social distancing is a luxury that India’s informal workforce of 450 million cannot afford. With the government lockdown order and inadequate state provisions for food distribution, several families are sleeping hungry – in their homes, stranded at railway stations or state borders.

To support our community in Prayagraj Uttar Pradesh during lockdown, we have increased capacity at the Progressive Welfare Foundation (PWF) by 12x and delivered 1,00,000+ cooked meals during this time. We have also distributed 1.5 lakh meals in the form of dry ration to those who don’t have access to the feeding points. We were able to scale up overnight. Hiring more utensils, transportation and manpower. We are also distributing packaged fruit buns, bread, rusk and biscuits (over 1,50,000 packets).

Our team is working with government authorities and the police to make this possible. Daily, they identify localities where people don’t have food and are hungry. The authorities have also been key in helping us distribute the food and in ensuring that our community practices social distancing.

We continue to work together, stronger than ever, towards our mission – a future where no one sleeps hungry.