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Distributes Masks And Sanitizers for the Needy!

Progressive Welfare Foundation (PWF) working for the up-liftment and for the betterment of those who have been forsaken by the society. 

For last 1 years we have been working toward our dream to provide the basic necessities for the poor and needy. We have been actively participating in different activities like food distribution, clothes distribution and weekend classes for the kids in slum areas. Our major contribution have been towards food, clothes, education and medical services provider to the poor and needy. We at blessing Foundation is like a big family.

We are raising funds for the distribution of Face Mask and Hand Sanitizer to the public. Our NGO team is actively working for it while most of the people are stepping back due to the fear of the disease. i would love to work for the common interest of the people.  Apart from that our NGO is working towards the rehabilitation and education for street children, Women Empowerment. We are at present taking care of 200 street children and 100 plus old people who can not afford even a single meal for the day. Their lives are also at risk due to corona virus. And as per the Medical Association announcement most vulnerable and prone to these diseases are kids and elderly people. And also we have found some patients with mild fever and cold in between them and we are taking extra care of them as well. But these kinds of situations van be avoided by taking precautions. We have to take stand against this dangerous disease to protect them.  Kindly support our cause by donating and by sharing our fundraiser.