Spirit of Entrepreneurial Activism Campaign

Welcome to Plant a Wish Foundation

Plant A Wish Foundation (PWF India) is an alliance of all stakeholders in CSR programs formed for effective grass root level implementation and for high impact outcomes.

We highlight good work done by corporate, communicate with society at grass roots and build capacities locally. We also help corporate in institutionalizing CSR into corporate strategy and business operations, in social audits and navigating CSR guidelines issued by Government agencies.

Associating your CSR initiatives with us brings in transparency and professionalism because we pool in resources to build internal synergies and share best practices.


Engaging us for your CSR
As a CSR partner, we can be responsible for helping your organization / your group to sustain its progress in its ongoing commitment to become a more sustainable and socially responsible enterprise. We can oversee the process ..

Objectives & Services
Plant A Wish Foundation (PWF India) aims to offer individuals and corporate following services, for channelizing and facilitating formation of an alliance of CSR initiatives so that smaller initiatives of varied individuals and…

CSR activities are the result of a corporation’s VISION about society and its needs and is not about “strategy”. There has to be an emotional connect and understanding of the crying needs and demands of society as opposed to “fitting it into…

Company law to change CSR landscape

New Company Law is likely to boost corporate charitable activity. The legislation has for the first time laid down ground rules for corporate social responsibility (CSR).

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Q&A: Proposed company law and CSR

Who does the new CSR provisions apply to under the Bill? Applicable to companies with: A net worth of Rs. 500 crore or more ...

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Spirit of Entrepreneurial Activism Campaign

Under this campaign, Zara Advisory approaches reputed educational institutes and universities with an objective of developing campus incubation .....

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